Floras Falls

Chances are you would not have heard of Floras Falls, but the aim of this walk is to attempt to find them. Adrian noticed the falls in a history written by Maria Grist and this has sparked investigations and conjecture. There are two 1905 photos and descriptions of the falls from 1894.   The location is at Collins Cap and one of the spots we think worth checking is on the top layer of Yellow Cliffs where a creek is marked and the contours close. Depending on the weather which is at this stage a bit uncertain, we hope to walk to the location at Yellow cliffs. It is an interesting place to visit anyway.
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Boronia Moor

Follow track from lake Fenton to the delightful Kangaroo Moor then climb through forest up to Boronia Moor.  The moor is reasonably large with much tea tree.   It includes a huge snow gum and will be interesting to see how it is going.    To get to Boronia Moor it is some 600 metres of quite scrubby country with a height gain of about 70-80 metres. It takes about 1:30 hours to this point.  The plan is to explore this area 25 hectares and then hopefully pick an alternative route down in the direction of Wombat Moor.  This bit of country is quite unknown, but it does contains native pines.  If the going looks too unreasonable we will retrace the inward route, otherwise  once reaching Wombat Moor it runs down to lake Fenton and the shoreline can be followed back to the start. Old hand drawn maps indicate a track there and it would nice to see if any still exists.